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Our company is a steel structure engineering construction enterprise which is specialized in the manufacture and installation of welded spherical grid, bolt spherical grid, large-span space special-shaped grid. The company has a professional technology and construction management team of more than 90 people, experienced construction team of more than 160 people. He has participated in the steel structure construction of many national large-scale key projects, and has been highly praised by the owner and the general contractor for many times.

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  • Guizhou Gymnasium

    Guizhou Gymnasium

    This project is Guiyang Gymnasium, which is a space frame structure, oval, with a total height of 39 meters, a total span of 88 meters, and a total length of 432 meters. The gymnasium is a public building, and the steel space frame is one of the most important structures in the building. Xuzhou Puye Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. has the construction experience of dozens of stadium space frame construction, and is specially configured for the stadium space frame construction with the following services: The engineering plan and space frame CAD design are reviewed by many senior experts in the structure team, and the finished components are processed according to the requirements of the national standard, and the distribution process with 2 layers of protection, the construction process is carried by 5 major systems.
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  • Jimo-North-Station


    The comprehensive building of Jimo North Railway Station has a construction area of 9,988 square meters. It is 9 meters away from the outer side of the platform, 144 meters long, 36.42 meters wide, 19.7 meters high in the middle and 13.5 meters high on both sides. There is a 15-meter station in front of the Jimo North Railway Station. Building platform, 15 meters of hard surface on the side is the design range of station building. Characteristics of steel space frame: 1.It has good wind, snow and earthquake resistance, high rigidity and high structural safety. 2: The span is large, 20 meters to 70 meters can be easily realized. 3: The degree of industrialization is high, and 80% of the workload is industrialized, which is in line with the characteristics of national prefabricated buildings. 4: The installation is convenient, as long as the crane can be used. 5: The construction period is short, 500~1000 square meters can be installed in one day. 6: Various spatial three-dimensional modeling can be implemented.
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  • Shanghai Stadium Membrane Structure

    Shanghai Stadium Membrane Structure

    Shanghai Gymnasium is one of the largest gymnasiums in China. The main gymnasium is circular, 33 meters high, and the membrane roof structure spans 110 meters in diameter. The large stage frame (with curtain) is 16 meters high and 28 to 42 meters wide (with side curtains for adjustment. The advantages of the membrane structure of the stadium: 1. The weight of the membrane structure building is only one-thirtieth of the traditional building. This also enables the membrane structure to fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered in the realization of traditional structures on long span tensile structures (unsupported) buildings, especially for long span tensile structures stadiums and other buildings that require huge unobstructed visual spaces. 2. It is easier to achieve free, light, soft, and powerful shapes, such as the National Stadium (Bird's Nest) and the Water Cube, which all use membrane structures.
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