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Steel structure technical installation worker

Xuzhou Puye Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional group company integrating the construction scheme of steel space frame, the design of the steel space frame engineering, the manufacture of frame architecture, the sale of steel structure space frame accessories and the installation of space frame construction.

Under the leadership of the chairman of the group company, guided by the corporate culture and business philosophy of Puye steel structure company specialty, it has achieved extraordinary rapid development. It has 20000 square meters of production plant, and has 2 companies and a profit accounting center for non independent legal person, more than 90 employees, 120 space frame structure installation team, engaged in school space frame structure, high-speed railway station space frame structure, art gallery space frame structure, Space frame coal shed design and construction., exhibition hall space frame structure, industrial space frame structure and commercial space frame architecture.






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Puye Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. has 160 technical installers

/Proficient in foreign engineering installation /Strong temporary adaptability /Rich experience in quality self-inspection /Adapt to various engineering environments.

Our company is a steel structure engineering construction enterprise which is specialized in the manufacture and installation of welded spherical grid, bolt spherical grid, large-span space special-shaped grid. The company has a professional technology and construction management team of more than 90 people, experienced construction team of more than 160 people. He has participated in the steel structure construction of many national large-scale key projects, and has been highly praised by the owner and the general contractor for many times. In line with the “people-oriented” principle, the company aims to create “quality steel structure” project; in the construction process, the company keeps improving and makes unremitting efforts to establish a new benchmark in the steel structure industry.


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