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Steel Structure Space Frame Of Inner Mongolia Round Library

(1) This project is the construction project of Inner Mongolia rounded Library steel space frame. All materials should be accompanied by a quality certificate and reinspection report, which meet the requirements of the current national standards.

(2) Technical conditions provided by the construction, technology, equipment and other related majors of the project.

(3) The design service life of the project structure is 100 years, and the safety grade of the building structure is Grade II.The building fire resistance rating is Grade II.steel space frame member is 1.5h, and roof load-bearing member is 1h.

(4) The total length of the library space frame is 165 meters, with a height of 27 meters and a width of 52 meters.The material used is Q 235 B, and the quality standard shall meet the current quality standard of Carbon Structural Steel (GB700); the processing period is 20 days and the installation time is 30 days.The installation personnel is 15. 

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Steel Structure Space Frame of Inner Mongolia Circular Library

raw material Q235B welded pipe / total height is 38 meters / total span is 88 meters / total length is 366 meters


1. The space frame design adopts the tube structure computer-aided design and manufacturing system 3D3S (version 14.0) software design to carry out the internal force analysis of the members and the automatic design of the full stress on the microcomputer, and the self-weight load of the space frame architecture is automatically superimposed in the internal force analysis.
2. The calculated length of the rod is L0=L, and the slenderness ratio of the key rod is tie rod ≤ 200 and compression rod ≤ 150. The slenderness ratio of other rods is tie rod ≤ 250, pressure rod ≤ 180.
3. The coordinate system of this project is a space rectangular coordinate system, and the positive direction is specified as follows:
The X direction is positive from left to right in the floor plan, the Y direction is positive from bottom to top, and the Z direction is positive from the ground to the sky.
4. Without permission, any loads (including construction loads) are not allowed to act on the space frame structure member, but must act on the ball joints, and the load value in the use stage cannot exceed the design value.
5. The unit of length not noted in this set of drawings is: mm, the unit of elevation is: m, and the unit of the reaction force of the support and the internal force of the rod is: kN. The internal force of the rod is positive and the pressure is negative.



Steel Structure Space Frame of Inner Mongolia Circular Library
Steel Structure Space Frame of Inner Mongolia Circular Library

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