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This project is a circular space frame / height 44.55 meters / total length 332 meters / total span 77.2 meters.


1. All the above purlins are hot-dip galvanized rectangular steel purlins, the galvanizing amount is 250~275g/m, and the material is Q235B.

2. The size of the site needs to be checked before the construction of the structure.

3. Other unspecified shall comply with the current national standards.

4. The installation sequence is: bearing ball - bottom string ball, rod - belly rod - top string ball, rod.

Steel: Unless otherwise specified, all steel pipes are made of Q235B steel. Its chemical composition and mechanical properties shall comply with the provisions of the current standard "Carbon Structural Steel" (GB/T700-2006). The tensile strength, elongation, yield point, cold bending test and impact toughness of the material should be guaranteed to be qualified, and the content of sulfur, phosphorus and carbon should be guaranteed to meet the requirements. The thickness tolerance of the steel plate shall meet the requirements for the seismic performance of the steel in "Dimensions, Shapes, Weights and Tolerances of Hot-Rolled Steel Plates and Strips":

1) The ratio of the measured value of the yield strength of the steel to the measured value of the tensile strength should not be greater than 0.85;

2) The steel should have obvious yield steps, and the elongation should not be less than 20%;

3) The steel should have good weldability and qualified impact toughness.


Steel space grid power plant circular project
Steel space grid power plant circular project
Steel space grid power plant circular project

Post time: Mar-18-2022