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steel space frame finished product packaging

1.The members of steel space frame are bundled with packing tapes, and each packing tape is written with the project name. 

2. The bolt balls can be packed in woven bags, and the project name and quantity will be written on each woven bag. 

3. Nuts (grid sleeves or non-pattern nuts) and top wires are packed in bags, and the project name and quantity are written on each bag. 

4. The steel structure space frame is anti-lost. Sometimes the processed materials of the steel structure space frame are sent to the site, and they may not be installed immediately. It may take some time to be placed. Special attention is that the members of steel space frame goods are lost. The members of steel space frame are not easy to lose, and the bolt balls are the easiest to lose. Losing the bolt balls is also the most troublesome. Because the bolt balls are found to be lost during the later installation, the steel space frame installation cannot proceed. The preservation, especially the bolt ball, is not to be taken lightly.

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When the number of finished components reaches the requirements of one-span trial assembly, a trial assembly should be carried out in the factory under the guidance of technical and quality engineers to check the overall quality and installation of the components to ensure smooth installation on site. The inspector checks the inspection and test results of the components, and after the above inspections are all qualified, the certificate of conformity is affixed to the components for packaging and delivery.

Tips:In order to ensure the construction period and installation sequence of the project, the quantity and quality of the products meet the requirements of the installation site. The delivery and acceptance criteria are specially formulated.
1) After the steel structure products arrive at the installation site, they will be produced according to the delivery list and relevant quality standards.
Delivery and acceptance of products.
2) Send someone to be responsible for delivery and acceptance at the installation site;
3) The delivery work shall be jointly carried out by our company and the full-time personnel of the general contractor and the supervisor acceptance of work;
4) When the package (box packaging, bundle packaging, frame packaging) is unpacked and counted, the personnel of both parties shall to proceed;
5) Delivery basis: according to the "delivery list" and drawings;

Grid copy number review finished product packaging
Grid copy number review finished product packaging
Grid copy number review finished product packaging
Grid copy number review finished product packaging
Grid copy number review finished product packaging

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