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Chengdu Art Museum Space Frame

The steel space frame of Chengdu Art Museum has no specific use function, it is to implement the concept of the artist, so as to meet the public’s pursuit of beauty, the steel structure space frame can realize almost all complex, irregular or regular shapes, becoming a “All-match” in the construction industry: 

1: It can realize various spatial regular shapes such as arch, circle, spherical shell, saddle shape, etc., and can also realize various irregular shapes 

2: The same shape, lower cost than other structures. 

3: The degree of industrialization is high, and the production and processing period is short. 

4: The installation is relatively convenient.

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Chengdu Art Museum Space Frame

This process is special-shaped steel structure space skeleton / raw material Q235B welded pipe / total height 45 meters / total span 115 meters / total length 1577 meters.

1. The steel used in the steel structure space frame should have tensile strength, elongation, yield strength and sulfur and phosphorus content, and should also have the qualified guarantee of carbon content.
2. All steels are welded structural steels, and shall be subjected to tensile test, bending test, and V-notch impact test in accordance with the design requirements, and shall also meet the requirements of weldability.
3. All steel components such as beams and columns are made of Q355B steel, see drawing requirements for details. The quality standards of the components shall meet the requirements of the current national standard "Low Alloy High Strength Structural Steel" (GB/T 1591-2018). The tensile strength, elongation, yield point, cold bending test and impact toughness of the material should be guaranteed to be qualified, and the content of sulfur, phosphorus and carbon should be guaranteed to meet the requirements.
4. During seismic design, the steel shall meet the following requirements:
The ratio of the measured value of the yield strength of the steel to the measured value of the tensile strength should not be greater than 0.85;
The steel should have obvious yield steps, and the elongation should not be less than 20%;
The steel should have good weldability and acceptable impact toughness.
5. Welding Materials,
The welding connection material should be matched with the base metal. When two different steel grades are welded, the electrode or wire that matches the lower strength steel grade is used. Welded connections with direct dynamic load or important thick plate welding should use low-hydrogen electrodes, such as E4315, E4316, E5015, E5016 and other models.

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